Friday morning

Mountains of white daisies

Shiona and her dogs arrived rather later than usual due to some accident in the middle of Chatham but after coffee and pleasantries we set off to go shooting.  The our car had already been picked up by Landrover and taken away for its service and beauty treatment.  Shiona and I took ourselves off to Dartford to shoot a bit of Skeet but we really shouldn't have bothered as neither one of us was on form and we shot like drains.  We returned home via the farm shop where we bought some strawberries and some lovely Kent cherries.  For lunch we ate bits and bobs from the fridge with the inevitable lettuce [only a few more to go] then for dessert we had the pizza dolce from Franks web site which I had made at the crack of dawn.  As anticipated it needed something wet to go with it so the sliced strawberries were perfect and we all agreed it was a jolly good pud.  Dinner for all of us was the remains of the dessert but this time with cherries - not bad at all.  The next time I make one of these desserts I will add soaked sultanas to the mix which will give it the bit of moisture it needs.  It turns out like a baked cheese cake without the pastry.

Today the weather is very overcast and dull with the temperature only just in double figures so really quite chill still.  However the garden has really benefited from all the showers of rain we have been having.  The car is due to be delivered back mid afternoon so until then we are without transport.  

Now a question does ricotta freeze? because if it does I must load up so that at the drop of a hat I can produce a really good pudding.  I never have trouble providing main courses it is always the pud that is a problem so I am delighted to find something quick, easy and delicious.  I shall throw some sultanas in a jam jar and top it up with rum so that they too will be ready plumped up and juicy.

My relentless harassment of the pigeons seems to be having the desired effect and this morning there was not a single bird on my roof they had all gone elsewhere.  One up to me!!!!

My plans for today are to get in the green house and do some serious weeding so that the tomatoes and cucumbers have a chance to get all the nutrients which are currently being robbed by the weeds.  Lunch will be a continuation of fridge bits and bobs which need finishing up and then for supper I fancy fish and chips which we haven't had for ages......
Have a good day all.....

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