Friday and the end of another week

Mad windy skies

Having to things right the day before, pride comes before a fall, and I got things wrong yesterday so my washing is still on the line and I hope it will dry today, it is certainly very well rinsed!  From what I have seen of the weather forecast we are going from the sublime to the ridiculous and heading for 30 degrees next week.  I suppose this is just one of the joys of living on an island.  
I had some fun in the kitchen yesterday and made an Indian semolina cake which is one of those recipes that I had forgotten but Elaine reminded me of it.  It was so delicious that we ate the whole thing over the course of the day.  It is a savoury cake with peas and onions and Indian spices in it so very much to my taste.  I also made a big bag of crumble mix which is now in the freezer.  I had picked enough gooseberries for a couple of portions so I made individual large ramekins of crumble and while I was at it I thought I might just as well make loads.
I had no problems with the return of the "key garage" which Amazon have taken back and posted out a new one so hopefully that is that problem solved.  Let's hope I can get this one screwed to the wall with the keys inside which is the general idea.  Then if someone needs to get in for any reason all I have to do is give them the combination.

Today I would like to go over to the gunsmith and get my air rifle sorted out as the sight is out of alignment and they have the equipment and expertise to set it up right.  I had a go but I am not happy with the results so I want it done properly.  Guns that don't shoot where you expect are dangerous...
The hens are laying well with 4 eggs per day but they are still small poulet eggs not that that matters I use two instead of one in recipes.  In my vegetable box this week there was a huge bunch of basil which I have made into pesto half of which I have frozen the other half we had on some pasta last night - you really can't beat the real thing - I have yet to find a jarred variety that comes close.

I spent some time in the garden with Basso yesterday doing some very basic training.  I was once told that dog training is like plate spinning, every now and then you need to go back and spin the first plate before it falls.  With this in mind we did some basic lead work, namely when I stop walking he must sit down and wait.  He then needs to pay attention to my leading foot.  If I lead off with the foot nearest him he must come with me, if I lead with the other foot he is to stay behind and wait to be called or for me to return.  I think I find this more difficult than he does!!!!as I seem to have dyslexia of the legs.

James rang to tell me he had managed to pass yet another set of exams, so so far so good.  I always knew he had the brain power require and now he too is beginning to believe it.  The end of the course is now in sight only another month to go and it will all be over.  I will have to buy something decent to wear for the passing out parade I don't suppose jeans and tea shirt will suffice.

The sun is shining this morning so time I went and let the hens out and had a walk round the estate!!!!
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