Friday and the end of another week

Prince Charles is flourishing

Yesterday was a day of sudden deluges followed by sunny periods so it was a case of shooting out between the showers and trying not to get caught.  I got my bolognese sauce done nice and early and left it to fester all day in the slow cooker and today I will divide up what is left after last nights supper and get it into the freezer.  I also made another pizza dolce but this time I added a load of halved white seedless grapes and boy was that a good move it is really nice and moist.

In our local free paper there was an advert for dog training classes at the place where I usually take the dogs for a walk so I thought I would sign Basso up but now here is the dilemma do I go for the obedience classes or do I have a go a agility.  My only worry about agility is that I may not be fit enough for task but I expect I will get fitter as he learns so maybe it is a possibility.  I have been so aware that he is not getting enough work over the summer and this seems to be an ideal answer.  

About 4pm our car tax arrived at the door, the post master true to his word had hand delivered it and commented that he liked the opportunity to get out of the shop and this was a good excuse.  We were delighted!!!!  We are still waiting to get the estimate for the new boiler but having had an appraisal of our finances we reckon to be able to stand the cost without any real upheaval.  We are also planning a new filtration system for the pond to be installed possibly this autumn or maybe next spring.  It is hoped that this will cut down on the current work load of cleaning the pumps on a weekly basis.  The pond is pretty huge measuring 4 x 5 x 1 meter and holding 20,000 litres of water so it takes a lot of looking after.  It used to be Mikes job but now it falls to me to keep it under control so a decent system would make my life much easier.  At the back of the pond we have a lovely Acer which is dying so we have made the decision to take it out and while we are in the process of doing that it would be a good opportunity to sink a pressurised filter into the ground before we replant.

Today is starting off bright and breezy but down to single figures at 9 degrees and we are off to the wonderful food emporium in Faversham to restock with coffee.  It is the only place where I can find the coffee beans we like.  It is Italian from Florence and just what we like for the machine.  I also have a kilo of parmesan cheese which Mark brought back from Italy and I need to divide up and re-vacuum pack it in smaller more usable quantities.  

Well that about the lot for this morning time to go and let the silly birds out and see if they have laid any eggs.....
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