Endless blue skys but not enough rain!!!!

Yesterday was a day of restocking so first once Jane was ensconced and under way we loaded the dogs into the car and drove off to take them for a walk.  Although the weather looked bright it was still pretty chilly but very pleasant for walking.  The tide was out so I had to keep an eye on the dogs and make sure they didn't go muddy puddling.  That done we were off to the butcher where I bought loads of stuff including some ox cheek which will today be made into a stew which can form the base of many dishes/pies etc.  Then it was on to the fish monger where I bought some sprats for lunch as well as some other bits for the freezer.  Finally it was home via Tesco for some bits and bobs like dishwasher tablets and pledge.  When we got home there is then the grand unveiling and repacking of the food ready for the freezer.  At this point my vegetable box arrived so more to put away and guess what it has a lovely LETTUCE just what I want!!!!
Once everything was put away it was time to make lunch I tossed the sprats in some seasoned flour and then into hot oil until crisp.  This is like a military operation as it requires that all the doors are closed and the extractor fan put on maximum which makes it sound like a jet aircraft. This keeps the smell of frying fish out of the bedrooms!!!!  How do people manage in the lovely open plan houses that you see on the TV the whole place would smell of frying fish.  Anyway following our salad and fish we indulged in a large punnet of strawberries with a dollop of Tesco's finest cold vanilla custard.  Then off to bed to digest and rest.  I woke with the mother and father of back aches which lingered on into the evening and finally took me back to bed with some of Mikes pain killers - dinner was off as neither of us was hungry - Heavily drugged I slept like a ton of bricks and am pleased to report that the back seems to have vanished.  Mike decided that as he had had such success with the hens he would put them to bed, then he discovered that it had been a fluke and hens really are very stupid.  He has resigned his post as hen trainer so I guess it will be down to me to get them knocked into shape.

Today it is sunny but still pretty cold at 9 degrees so I am intending to have a bit of cook up in the kitchen.  Being the first of the month it is time for the dogs to have their ear powder [prophylaxis against ear mites] They are very good about it as they know there will be a treat to follow and all but Nip will volunteer.  I also read the meters and send the reading down the wires so we are up to date with gas and electricity.  Apple have sent me an invoice so my iPad cannot be too far away.  Once it arrives I will be fully occupied in loading it up with all the super apps that I have acquired.  I will also be taking some photos with it so you will be the first to see if they are any good.

Anne I'm glad your essay is finally finished and you can relax for a little while "no pain no gain" now all you need is a stunningly good mark.....

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