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Well the best laid plans often go astray and mine certainly went that way yesterday -  The morning started badly with Basso having problems with his tummy and not making it to the garden.  I won't bore you with the details but the mess was awesome.  It took me the best part of the morning to clean the dog and then the carpet.  I couldn't be cross with him as he was hiding in corners totally mortified.  Anyway he was put on plain boiled rice and hopefully the problem has now passed through!!!!and all is forgiven and forgotten. As it turned out it was not a day for gardening anyway as we has persistent showers through the morning and in the afternoon we had a deluge accompanied by thunder and lightening.  The temperature has dropped like a stone and we are at a miserable 7 degrees this morning.  I was listening to the news about the draught orders on the TV and outside it coming down in stair rods!!!

The car was finally brought back to us at around 5pm all the work having been done but with a list of things which will need doing next time.  The bill for which would be £1700 which is a bit steep to say the least.  So we are going to look around for a cheaper garage - main dealers are always so expensive.

We are also making moves to sort out a more efficient boiler the one we have at present is a Baxi and is hidden behind a gas fire in the chimney breast so the difficulty will be where to put the boiler.  Personally, I would prefer to have it in the garage out of the way but we will have to see what the guy says.  He is coming on Sunday morning to give us a quote so we can make a rational decision.  With the price of gas due to rise it seems that now is as good a time as any to think of sorting out the boiler.

Now for a piece of good news the hens have been sitting down when they see me which what they would do for the cockerel, I told you they were stupid, anyway, we got our first egg last night so they are beginning to lay and we should soon be in full production. I have decided to keep a record of the number of eggs so that I can work out the costings purely for my own interest.  It would seem that the going rate for farm gate free range eggs is £1 per half dozen, so I may well think of charging something similar once we have a surplus.  

I am expecting James to come down this weekend so I have taken a chicken out of the freezer but would like to do something other than a roast bird so I may well spatchcock it and marinade it then put it under the grill or go mad and light the barbecue if the current clear skies prevail and the temperature increases.

On that happy note I will wish you all a good weekend.....

p.s. Joy where are you?


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