Bin day again

Very new addition to the family I do hope she is not permanently scarred by the blue for boys blanket!!!!

Yesterday was a busy day with both Mark and Jane here in the morning.  I spent much of the time in the garden with Mark where we cleared one of the veg beds of broad beans that were over and some celery that was doing nothing.  The bed is now clear and ready for planting some dwarf French beans which I hope will still have enough time to make a good crop.  The broad bean plants had enough pods on them to make a very good portion for Mike and I for supper.  The new rosemary bush was planted and once it is established hopefully we can get rid of the old one that is obstructing the path.  I also took a bold management decision and removed the protective netting from the peas as I hope they are now big enough to withstand a pigeon attack.  Talking of which the feral pigeons are beginning to see the light and have move to other roofs in the area leaving mine free.  A couple of days of relentless shooting has made a big difference.  Mark drew the short straw and got the nasty job of turning the compost heaps but the contents is looking really good and will make a big difference to the vegetable beds in the autumn.  Meanwhile Jane got on with running the hoover around the house and I was in and out hanging load after load of washing.  Some idiot decided to strip all the bed in one go so there were numerous sets of sheets to wash.  Guess who now has the super job of ironing it all!!!!!  Yes I am daft enough to iron the sheets and duvet covers as they are white cotton and look pretty grotty if they are just left.

Jane is now the proud possessor of an iPad as she is the last in the chain for the iPad swaps which has I hope worked out to everyone's advantage. Fortunately they are really easy to set back to the factory settings which means all the personal information is wiped out.  Interestingly Apple offer a free service that will allow you to wipe out your information remotely in the event that you should loose your device it will also give you a geographical location in case you can retrieve it.  Later this summer they are also going to offer a free cloud storage facility.  Isn't technology wonderful!!!!!

Now that it is light and we are generating I will get stuck into the ironing and once it has warmed up a bit I will get on with planting the beans but first and foremost I had better get the bins out as I almost forgot last week.

Have a good day all....
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