Be careful what you wish for!!!

Well I wished for rain and believe me we have had plenty - it rained almost all day yesterday and most of the night and it is still raining now so I think the garden will be very happy  and we can lay off watering for a little while.

I put up this photo of the pigeons on my neighbours roof but yesterday I counted 13 sitting on our roof.  The problem is they are incontinent and consequently I have poo all down the side of the house and windows.  The time had come to give them a bit of a fright so with the air rifle I managed to shoot a couple of them without damage to the solar panels.  One fell injured into the garden and my picking up dog did his stuff and retrieved it for me so I could dispatch it quickly.  If they are far away it is a bit like hitting a duvet with a doughnut but it does startle them.  I am hoping to make enough nuisance of myself to make them move elsewhere.  These you will notice are feral pigeons so not good to eat but I do use them for dog food so not a total waste.

After his hunting experience in the garden Basso was so excited that when I took him out for his walk he was in total hunting mode and as we walked through the woods I used it as a training exercised with lots of directional commands walking to heal and jumping over large fallen trees.  He was so responsive it was amazing so I am hopeful that come the winter and real work he will be in good form.
We had a quick trawl round the garden centre on the way home to purchase a new rosemary bush - the current one is getting very big and is overhanging the path so it would be good to remove it but first I will establish another bush as I use rosemary a lot in cooking.

We arrived home to some good news, I am a great aunt again, the baby girl was born by caesarian section in the early hours of the morning - 6 weeks early weighing 5lb 12 oz - mother and baby "Sophia", doing well.  Then came a phone call from my chef friend who is touring in Italy.  He has returned to the camp site where we first met in Montecatini Terme and where I made a friend of the owner.  We had two 6 week holidays there and I ended up helping out on a daily basis with the menu translation for the restaurant, not to mention erecting some huge umbrellas and planting up the front flower bed. Well I get bored on holiday!!! We then had a lovely weeks holiday with them in their flat in Viareggio, where Sandra and I spent happy hours in the kitchen cooking and chatting.    Sadly we lost touch but she is very anxious to rekindle the friendship and as she has been recently widowed I expect she is feeling the loss.  We are of similar age and both have sons of similar ages so we have plenty to talk about.  Anyway, she is going to ring me this morning for a chat.  I must admit to feeling a little anxious as I have not spoken Italian for nearly 10 years so I expect to be a bit rusty and the telephone is not the best medium to practice. Maybe this time I can persuade her to come and visit me once she closed the camp site for the winter.
If you are interested the site has a nice web site Anne you can read it in Italian but it does have an English translation.

After all this I still had supper to cook and I decided to push the boat out with breaded pork fillet with asparagus and hollandaise sauce...The low calorie option!!!!!!

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