Wednesday morning and bin day

This is a Rubinia pseudo acacia 'Frizia' and it is in bloom at the moment.  The flowers are hard to spot but the pigeons love them and yesterday afternoon I had four sitting gorging themselves.  The air rifle reduced that to three and Basso got the opportunity to do a retrieve.  The bird was not wasted and ended up in the pot for the dogs supper.  I hope that it will keep the others away for a while.  They are becoming a real nuisance as there are so many of them.  All the paving is littered with bird excrement which I spent some time hosing off yesterday evening.

When I took the dogs for their walk the tide was up and so much fun was had in the water.  Basso still will not swim but he walks in up to his chest then looses his confidence when his feet leave the ground.  I managed the walk with a couple of stops so feel reasonably pleased with my progress.  What I need to do now is keep it up so that I gradually get fitter.  Half a stone has dropped off me since my return so I am wondering if I was carrying a lot of extra water for some reason and that was giving me problems.  I am still searching for a rational reason for the incident as it makes no sense to me physiologically.  Anyway, whatever the reason half a stone less is always good.  I need to loose about two stone to hit my ideal weight so I will persevere for a while and see if I can't get rid of it.  Having shed 4 stone in the past I am not too phased by the idea.....

Today will be somewhat indulgent as Shiona is providing supper so a small low calorie lunch is in order then tomorrow will be a day of eating well as we are off to France for lunch courtesy of the Tesco coupons.  This will not be too stressful a day as Shiona is doing all the driving and I will just have to walk from the car to the restaurant, and supermarket.  Mike will be baby sitting the 5 dogs and waiting for his supper which we will be buying in France.  It is likely to be a cheese and pate based meal helped down with crusty bread and wine.  Not exactly diet food!!!!!  I am not going to become obsessed with weight loss, I have also done that before, so 5 days on the 2 days off is fine by me....

I spent some time yesterday in the green house tying in the tomato plants which are growing really well and we are almost ready to start picking lettuces.  I increased the length of time on the watering system from 10 minutes to 15 as the plants are getting bigger.  Elaine has offered me a couple of cucumber plants as the seeds I planted failed - well it was a free packet so what did I expect?  Some of the runner beans have emerged but I have gaps to fill in so I will plant some seeds in a pot and nurture them before planting out.  We should be picking broad beans with a week or so which will be the first produce of the year.
I also noted that the sea beat is coming on really well so we may well be having a free meal from that.  I will be taking the dogs to a different area of the estuary where the beat is prolific and not in the direct line of the dog walkers....I do give it a thorough wash but I still prefer it to have come from an off-piste, or should that be off-pissed, area.

As you can see I am up a stupid o'clock but feel bright and cheerful so I will go with the flow and when I get shattered in the afternoon I will be off to bed for a siesta....Retirement is wonderful!!!!!

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