Wednesday and a shooting day

Lilly of the valley clustered around the foot of a tree.  It has taken me years to establish this plant after numerous failures I finally took a piece from a friends garden and it has take off beautifully and is spreading far a wide and becoming rampant but I don't mind as I love it.
Yesterday was a beautiful day and I was in and out with laundry for most of the day.  I don't know where I manage to find all these things that need to be washed?  I did empty out my box of hunting gear and put all the gloves hats and wet weather gear through the machine.  My Wellingtons are clean and back in their clean bag so I am all set for October. I also managed to get out with the dogs and then slip by the the cash and carry on the way home.  Here I restocked with washing powder and assorted other bits and pieces like tins of tomatoes and diet cokes which are a good deal cheaper than in the regular shops. I have decided that when I open a 5litre bleach or the like I will put the date on it so I can monitor just how long it lasts.  I think the large soap powder boxes will last the rest of my life if the weight is anything to go by..... I made the meat balls for today's lunch together with a nice rich tomato sauce so all I need to do when I get back from shooting is to boil a bit of pasta.

Elaine is dropping by this morning bright and early for a cup of coffee so I will need to get myself in and out of the shower pretty soon. We seem to be having great trouble getting together as her busy life and mine don't seem to coincide.

My last load of washing is still hanging on the line where it has been over night so I expect it will be well and truly dry by now.  A quick whiz round the garden for dog poo and then the rubbish and recycling can go out.  We dare not put it out the night before as we have trouble with both foxes and magpies who tear the bags to shreds and scatter the contents far and wide.
I must admit that I am a little surprised that my anti American outburst yesterday didn't draw any scathing comments, perhaps I was not that far off the mark?  I can see this becoming a great conspiracy theory of the future.

Well time I got under-way the sun is up and I have things to be getting on with so have a great day and enjoy the sunshine if you can.

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