Wednesday and bin day

Lettuce with everything! this photo was taken a little while ago and the lettuces are now all ready to eat.

Yesterday was a day of general busyness Mark arrived at 8am and he and I got stuck into the work in the garden.  The raspberries are now tall enough to have flopped over the path and needed tying back as did a lot of plants that have been bashed around in the wind.  The forsythia and lilacs all needed pruning back as they have finished flowering.  This has all worked out really well as the bin men will be collecting the garden waste this morning so that gets rid of that.  I do, however, grieve for the compost but I do accept that I have to cut back a bit on the heavier jobs.  Jane arrived at 9am and got stuck into her cleaning - she was impressed with my efforts on the kitchen floor which I had really gone to town on the day before.  The washing machine was pressed into service and with the gorgeous weather the stuff was dry in an hour and ready for ironing, but that is this mornings job.

The dogs were put out by strangers next door who turned out to be the letting agents.  They were doing an inventory and taking photos of the garden.  Then later in the afternoon there were boys playing cricket in the garden but the dogs had given up by then and were more interested in their supper.  Talking of which I made the chicken liver and pasta dish as seen on the Two Greedy Italians - not exactly low calorie but very delicious and we needed something to help the lettuce down!!!!  The dish starts with first fry the onions like a lot of savoury dishes but this morning the whole house smells of onions which is driving me mad so I will need to get the windows open and a good blow through.  How do people survive with these open plan living areas I have a turbo strength fan but still the smells linger however at least my lounge is cut off by a door and the sofa doesn't smell of onions.

Today I am going shooting with Jeff and we are going to eat at the club so it will be nice and easy for me.  I haven't shot for a while so we will have to see how rusty I am and if I can compensate for my eye problem.  The garden got a good drink last evening so it will last a couple of days before I have to water again.  We still haven't had any real rain and the ground is as dry as dust.  All the neighbours grass is brown and dead looking but mine is bright green and lush.  Just one more advantage to plastic grass!!!!

The new hens are venturing as far as the food and water but scuttle back to the house when they see me coming.  It wont be long before they work out that it is me that keeps them supplied with goodies and they will race to meet me in hope of some bacon rinds or cabbage leaves, make that lettuce leaves!!!!

Have a good one and if you have finished with the rain can you send it our way please!!!

Now it is light here are the lettuces on one side of the green house there are an equal number on the other side.

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