Tuesday morning

The garden is looking lush and green with almost every plant in bloom but it is all desperately in need of a drink.
Yesterday went well I had an early shower and then shot off to Tesco and restocked on items for the week and milk which we needed for Jeff for coffee.  Mike and I hardly use any milk so we tend to forget to buy it.  Mike and Jeff set off for Suffolk at about 10am which meant they had a clear run through with little traffic.  They got the van all sorted out and taken back to storage.  Then they had a good lunch in one of the numerous really good pubs, finally making it home by by about 4.30.  The dogs and I had a most peaceful day - I did all the washing and ironing and got round to some little chores like changing the ironing board cover and giving the iron a really good birthday clean.  After my lunch of left overs I went off to bed and slept soundly until 3.30 which just gave me time to gather my thoughts and put the kettle on before the men returned.  Although Jeff had done all the donkey work and drove one leg of the journey Mike was absolutely shattered so after a supper of steak and asparagus it was early bed for all of us.  The steak was bought from Tesco and is advertised as Angus beef but when I read the small print it comes from America.  It looked the part, well hung and marbled but it was seriously lacking in any kind of flavour.  Thank goodness the asparagus was not disappointing it was British and very good.
Elaine and Shiona rang to check up that I was OK and while we were chatting I suddenly realised that I almost never have a day alone with my thoughts.  I think it did me good to just relax and not have to think of anyone else for a few hours.  James too rang and I even got an E mail from son number two in Thailand.
Today I want to take the dogs for a walk and see how I am feeling with a little exertion.  I have no plans to over do things so it will be a short pottering walk rather than a route march.  Jane is due to come today and has no idea that we are back so she will be very surprised and I will have to go through the whole sorry saga again!!! The kitchen looks like it has been bombed so I had better go and get that sorted out first thing then I need to plan today's food.  We are having a bit of a purge on our weight so we are on a low carb high protein type diet which should have the desired effect and reduce our calorie intake somewhat.
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