Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a day of two halves in the morning I got my hair cut and very short it is, but it always grows so it will look better in a couple of weeks.  However, having it very short is nice as it keeps tidy and is easy to wash and dry.  That done it was off to Aldi to buy a couple of bits for lunch where I managed to buy two baguettes and four roast chicken thighs and a pot of coleslaw for under £5 which made a very acceptable lunch.  Then on the way back I stopped at the camping shop and bought us a new table for the awning which folds into a bag and has a roll out aluminium top.
Royal Grasmere Picnic Table
Being all aluminium it can stand outside and not come to grief if it gets wet and I can stand the cob barbecue on it and cook without breaking my back.  The other advantage is that it is remarkably light to carry in its carry bag.

In the afternoon it was Basso who had to go to the vet for his annual inoculation - what excitement he was fascinated by all the animal smells in the surgery and was delighted to be stroked and loved by everyone.  I had given him a good brush so he was looking rather splendid.  He was so busy being nosey that he didn't even notice the injection and for once he was very good and sat quietly on the scales, 40kg which is his exact proper weight. [6.28 stone in old money]  The vet is the only place we can weigh him so it is an annual weigh in.  If only I was my proper weight perhaps I should put myself on dog biscuits!!!! but then I would have to run about like he does so perhaps it is not a good idea...

Supper was a repeat performance of lunch with the addition of a portion of French onion soup that was lurking in the freezer.  Meals have rather gone out of the window as I try to use up all the bits and pieces from the fridge.  Today we have some sausages and bacon to finish and a couple of chicken pies  and a lonely lettuce so no doubt we can mix and match something out of that lot.
Jane is due so the house will get a birthday and she will be coming while we are away which means she will make up the beds with nice clean sheets - always a joy.  Shiona is going to cook something for the night we return as we, that is her and I, are off to France the following morning bright and early and I will be in no fit state to start cooking.  Mike will be staying at home with all the dogs but we will buy him some wine and get him something nice for supper.
Mark is due this morning so I must get on and make some preparations so that he can do the jobs we have in mind.  Then this evening it will be a good watering for all the pots and hope that they survive the week.  I need to get one more load of washing done before we go as there will be mountains to do when I come back.  Still there will be no rush on that as I have until July to get the caravan bits ready for the next holiday.
All my electricals have now been charged up so I should be able to take plenty of photos while I listen to my music as I walk the dogs through the forest.
Well onward and upward time to get going.......
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