Tuesday morning

Things are under way in the green house

Yesterday, was a fairly boring mundane day with not much out of the ordinary, I made a couscous salad with one left over chicken breast for lunch and a chicken and coriander curry with the other for supper.  The dogs had the bits from the stock which with a few added biscuits was enough for both breakfast and supper so they were delighted and the stock is now tucked up in the freezer.  The wind was fierce and pretty cold so although I did a couple of jobs in the garden it was not a pleasant experience.  This morning the wind seems to have died down somewhat so it should be a bit better.    The strong winds did dry my washing in double quick time but it also threw my pegs all over the garden so I had lots of fun retrieving them.  Poor Basso got a shock as he was patrolling round a flower bed. I had a dish shaped flower pot stood on a wooden plinth which unbeknown to us had completely rotted.  As he brushed past the whole thing collapsed and the pot came crashing to the floor smashing into a thousand pieces, poor boy though it was his fault and came running in with his tail between his legs.  As yet I haven't cleared it up as I need to find some alternative pots to put the plants in, another job for today I think.
Today it is my job to be the wonderful Jane as she is on holiday so it is going to be a day of hoovering and dusting - yuck!!!!  My bed is already stripped off and in the washing machine and when Mike gets up I will strip his bed and do his sheets which should mean we are in sync to have the beds clean when we come back from our holiday.  Now apparently if you put the dates of your holidays on face book you can invalidate your house insurance so I would think the same applies to this blog.  I will leave you to work out the rest!!!!
Tomorrow we are going shooting with the usual crew that is Shiona and Jeff so I will need to make a shooting lunch for us.  To that end I have taken some mince out of the freezer and today it will be made into meat balls which can be warmed up in some tomato sauce and served with some rapidly boiled pasta and a salad.  For lunch today I am going to make some oriental rice pancakes stuffed with sea food and salad and as yet I haven't thought what to have for supper.  I have a nice beef and beer stew in the freezer and that may fit the bill with the last of the jersey royal potatoes.

Now a small comment on the news from yesterday.  As an atheist I was shocked to see the celebrations on the death of human being in the USA who are supposed to be so Christian.  No sign of love your enemy there!!!!  Personally I think we probably better off without the man but that could be said of quite a few people and now that he is a martyr who knows what passions will be stirred in those who hate the west.  Killing the field marshal will not stop the war!!!  I expect there were quite few Romans who were glad to see the back of Jesus Christ!!!!  That didn't work too well either!!!!

Well that will probably cut my readership considerably!!!!! so I might as well get on with the ironing!!!!
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