Thursday morning

Let me introduce you to "Pat Austin" in bloom and looking great.

After yesterday's early start I was determined to have an afternoon sleep but the best laid plans often go awry and though I took to my bed sleep eluded me.  However, I had not wasted those early hours at 5.30 I was in the vegetable plot watering and weeding - what a lovely time of the day to be in the garden.

For lunch I made us a large salad as I knew we were in for a treat for supper - Shiona had brought a nice lasagne sort of dish which we just had to reheat and eat with a huge bunch of asparagus that she had scrumped from the orchard that had once been an asparagus field.  She then took the dogs for a walk while I loaded the dishwasher.  Given that she is 5'1" and weighs only a little more than Basso I was marginally concerned that he would pull her over.  However, he was a gentleman and behaved well.  The two terriers refused to go which was just as well as handling 5 dogs would be a bit much.  We all retired for an early night as we are going to need some energy for our trip to France today.  It is our intention to have lunch in Sangate and then hit the supermarket on the return where we have a shopping list to fill, then it will be back via the duty free shop at the terminal and finally home for a supper of goodies from our trip which we will share with Mike .  He is staying at home with the dogs while us girls have a girlie day.  The trip is courtesy of  Tesco who provide the vouchers which we exchange for tickets on the shuttle.  £15 of Tesco vouchers buys you £60 of Eurotunnel so a real bargain.

Now, I said I would keep you appraised of our solar panel gains and yesterday I managed to get a breakdown out of Centrica and then proceeded to work out how much money we are making - big surprise! since March 20th [date of last meter reading] we have made in excess of £300 that is not to mention the money we have saved on our electricity bill which has dropped by about half.  So the projection for the year is about £1500 which is not a bad return on our investment.  If we had put the money in the bank we would have made pennies at the current interest rate. Yes it is a big initial outlay but it should be plain sailing from now on.

Shiona and I have arranged a shower rota for this morning and as neither of us eat breakfast it will just be a case of getting dressed and filled with coffee before we set out for Folkstone at about 8am.  The drive will only take about an hour then 35 minutes on the train and we will be in France.  The weather is set fair so we should have a pleasant day.
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