Thursday morning and still dark

Yum, yum very young broad beans

Yesterday was an absolutely glorious sunny day with not a cloud to be seen except the mackerel streaks high up showing the strong winds high in the atmosphere, at ground level it was all but still.  Not so this morning there is quite a breeze blowing and according to the forecast we may even get some rain!!! I will believe that when I see it.
Jeff arrived at the usual time and after coffee and pleasantries we headed off for the shooting ground which was not too crowded.  At the first stand Jeff shot a straight ten and I followed with a straight ten also.  This set the tone for the remaining stands and by the time we had finished I had won by one shot much to Jeff's amazed disgruntlement.  This is a first for me so I was absolutely delighted!!!!  We ate our lunch, of a baguette stuffed with bacon and egg and a burger, at the club sitting in the sunshine.  Basso who had accompanied us did quite well out of the deal and got a piece of each of the baguettes.
Then it was home for a beer with the gun cleaning except we didn't clean the guns instead Jeff sat for half an hour with his feet on the circulation booster and is now thinking of getting one for his wife who suffers from swollen ankles.  Mikes fat ankles have completely disappeared and still we neither of us have had any cramp.
For supper I made us a nice risotto with prawns, mussels and cockles - so much for reduced carbohydrates - not going too well.    Today is another day and I will try again, then tomorrow we are out to lunch so no chance there....
The little hens are, as you can see, still very skittish and in the small run with my old oilskin tablecloth over them for some protection from the sun and rain [ha ha].  It will be next week some time before I turn them loose into the big wide world of the main run and a life of indulgence!!!!
Well I can put it off no longer the ironing is still waiting for me so that will be my next port of call then I will give some serious thought as to what to have with our LETTUCE!!!!!
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