Thursday morning and still dark

The rhubarb is going mad despite having had several meals from it.

First lets start with yesterday, I rushed around first thing and got things ready then Elaine turned up at 9am and we had a nice chat and cup of coffee.  By 10 Shiona arrived and Elaine left to go and sort out her horses.  Jeff was not far behind so once they were all lubricated with coffee we set off to go shooting.  I was pleased with the way I shot and I am finally coming to terms with the my eye problems which are very confusing to all especially me.  Imagine, if you will, stretching your hand out to pick up a cup of tea but then having to move it 6 inches to the right in order reach your target.  Weird!!!!  The weather was perfect with not too much wind and wall to wall sunshine which made for an extremely pleasant day.  We got home at about 1.30 and I beetled off into the kitchen to prepare the lunch while Shiona and Jeff cleaned the guns and downed a beer.  The meat balls and pasta went down very well and Shiona had brought some asparagus ready cooked so we devoured most of that.  Mike and I finished it for supper having added some extra asparagus which had come in my veg box. 

This morning is going to be traumatic as the first job is to dispatch the hens which I will get on and do before anyone is out of bed.  Then of course we have to go and do our duty and vote then on to Bluewater where I am hoping to buy myself the new iPad 2.  My old iPad is going to Sandi and hers is going on to a friend with some exchange of money to balance things up a bit.  In the end we are all hoping to get what we want from the deal.  I have no plans for lunch as I think there is every chance that we will eat out and supper may well be just a sandwich.  It is pretty chilly this morning and only 6 degrees but I expect when the sun comes up the temperature will rise accordingly and there is still no sign of rain which we so desperately need.  Needless to say my great washing extravaganza has resulted in piles of ironing which should keep me out of mischief until Mike is out of bed....
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