Things are changing fast it was light by 4.30 this morning and the birds were shouting their heads off which woke me up.  The sky looks clear and there is no sign of rain so the garden got a good watering yesterday evening.  I had a busy day getting things ready for the holiday and preparing the house and garden to be shut down for a week.  I had a major weeding session in the green house and also took tons of weed out of the pond which was getting choked.  The pump filters were also in need of a clean which should keep the water circulating over the next week.  I also packed the heavier items into the car so that all we need to put in today is a box of food items and a bag of clothes and the dogs bits and pieces.  We are not intending to leave home until about 10 am so there is plenty of time to get the things together and strip off the beds.  Jane will make up the beds on Tuesday before we return on Wednesday so we will be coming home to a nice clean house which is a real joy.  I must not forget in all this upheaval to put out the bins.  Our garden-waste bins are already out but the land fill rubbish is still in the garage and out of the reach of the foxes, crows and magpies.  Black refuse sacks are not much of a barrier to them and they make a terrible mess if they get the opportunity.
We have been going to this part of Suffolk for many years which means that we are able to find all the things we need easily.  We know where there is a farm that sells lovely asparagus at reasonable prices and the fruit farm that has the best loganberry jam in the world.  We also have a circle of pubs and restaurants to visit.  Orford has a smokery and the most wonderful oysters and Wickam Market has one of the best butchers I have ever seen which opens at 7.30 in the morning with a queue outside!!!!  Woodbridge has a baker which must sell about 20 different types of loaves including one from an original Saxon recipe.  Then there is the Deli which is just a joy of cheeses and cured meats not to mention fresh fish.  If it is veal you fancy then there is the station at Melton which is not only a railway station but a butchers and taxi rank combined!!!  I think we will be in for a week of sumptuous living so it is probably just as well that I need to walk the dogs at least three time per day.  I usually take them for a long walk in the very early morning then a short pit stop walk at lunch time and a final PUP [P up the post] walk before bed.  Nip has taken against too much walking and will sit down and refuse to come on the last walk so I have to take him back and then carry on with the other two.
Well that's about it for this morning time I got going fingers crossed we have no traumas.......

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