Sunday morning

No earthquakes and my world didn't end I guess the radical Christians got it wrong again!!!

We were promised some showers over night but it is still as dry as a bone in the garden.  As you can see the roses don't seem to mind being short of water and are flourishing.  We ferried James to and fro to get his bike fixed and shortly after lunch he departed for London where the blessed bike broke down twice.  It sounds like a carburation problem so he will have to keep his tank full and hope for the best until he can get the tank flushed out.  I recognise the symptoms as I have had similar problems with cars in the past.

We took the dogs for a walk to a lake where there are fishermen around the edge which was all a bit difficult as the dogs were very interested in investigating their sandwiches and bait.  Some had little tents which also had to be inspected for contents but luckily, the dogs, being well behaved came back when called.  I also swung past Elaine's house and picked up two cucumber plants which will be planted in the green house today.

Our neighbours departed while we were out and left the last of their bits and pieces outside for me to dispose of so I am now the proud possessor if a Vax vacuum cleaner and a couple of supper towels.  I had already been given the contents of the kitchen cupboards and the fridge.  The Vax will be ideal for doing out the sheds, garage and car.  I will miss them but apparently the new people arrive on Tuesday so a new beginning.

The wind is blowing quite strongly already and it is set to get worse through the day so I think it may be an indoor day.  Once it has died down I will need to get watering as the wind is so drying for the plants.  I have no real plans for the day so I guess it will be a bit of gentle housework and a bit of cooking once I have decided what we are going to eat.  Yesterday we grazed on bits and pieces and left overs so today I will be starting with a clean slate.  I notice that the blog Memorie di Angelina has a nice recipe for scalloppine al marsala and as I have all the ingredients that may well be on the menu.  I am
trying to keep my carb intake down as this automatically reduces the fat intake.
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