Sunday morning

Yesterday was one of peace and harmony - my sleeping patterns are all in a mess and so my tiredness continues however I am making great efforts to do lots of sleeping and get back on track.  We had a bit of a shopping expedition so that we are now restocked.  Having run down my supplies before the holiday I now need to refill the cupboards and fridge.  James did all the hard chores and hung out the laundry and walked the dogs so all I did was turn a few knobs on the stove and for dinner.  Lunch was cold cuts and crusty bread with Sandi and her husband and for dinner we had asparagus and steak so nothing difficult to prepare.
Friends and relatives are phoning at regular intervals to check on my condition which is all very gratifying.  In the mean time I am trying to be extra careful with knives. This is not the time to cut myself and I am trying not to walk into door frames [one of my more popular accidents!]  I have enough bruises from the injections without adding to them.
Today, James will be heading for home and getting ready for the next week of training at Hendon and Mike and I will just take things easy. I have the cross word puzzle to finish!!!! Tomorrow Jeff is coming to help Mike and they are going back up to Suffolk to move the caravan back to base.  I would dearly like to accompany them but I know that I have to be sensible and stay at home as I would not be able to resist helping out.
We could have picked up our new chickens yesterday but decided that we would wait a little so that I would have one less chore to do.  However, I have ordered my new iPad 2 which should arrive within the next couple of weeks, I can then do the swap with Sandi and she with her friend to complete the chain. I can hardly wait!!!!
Have a nice peaceful Sunday
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