Sunday morning and windy

The sage is in full flower so I feel a piece of pork coming on!!!!

Yesterday was a really miserable day weather wise, it was dull and cold but no real rain.  Today looks as if it is going to be about the same which is a bit of a shock after all the lovely sunshine we have been having.  My friend Angela is back from her travels around Greece and Turkey which seem to have gone very well.  Her husband is driving their motor home back to the UK and she is taking her mother to France for a holiday.  Her mother is not in the best of health so a break will do her good.

I had a bit of fun in the kitchen and made us a cheese and spinach soufflé for lunch and a the Gennaro Contaldo spring lamb with peas for supper.  Now how is this for tight I thickly buttered 4 large ramekins and only used two so today rather than waste the two remaining ramekins I am going to make another soufflé this time plain cheese but I thought I would put some stewed red peppers in the bottom as a surprise.  Then for supper I have a couple of pieces of pork fillet which I intend to bat out and cook with butter and sage.  What vegetables? you ask well LETTUCE of course!!!!!  For desert we have punnets of Kent strawberries and cherries which I have to be careful with as I can just sit and eat my way through them then they go straight through me!

I decided that the gardening could wait until the weather was a bit better which I believe is supposed to be on Tuesday when everyone is back at work - typical.  Tomorrow the chickens will have been with us a week and I will start letting them out into the big run which will mean an evening round up session.  They are still very skittish and run away when they see me coming, they have not realised that it is me that brings the not on track for an Oxford education...Lets hope they know how to lay eggs when the time comes.

I am counting off the days until the new iPad arrives, it is due on the June 6 which is a significant day in my calendar it was my grandfathers birthday and the day he also died not to mention it is the day for trimming the box hedging and running the Derby, not that I am into horse racing but I lived close to the race track for much of my adolescence and Epsom downs was a popular dog walking area.

OK time I got on the dogs are milling around wondering what has happened to the service in the hotel and why there is a delay in breakfast being served.

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