Sunday morning and damp

The broad bean flowers are turning to pods so not long now!!!

James got his sprocket and chain replaced but we had already completed the general knowledge crossword by the time Mike was out of bed.  The next job was to get the dogs walked and while we were sitting on a bench a middle aged couple came past on their new mountain bikes.  She was shouting the odds about how people should control their dogs as they had not responded by getting out of her way when she rang her bell.  Fortunately it was not my dogs to whom she was referring and when I spoke to the offending dog owner she pointed out that it was a good job it was dogs not a toddler who didn't understand the need for speed or the significance of a bicycle bell.  There are some people who you could really enjoy pushing off their bikes!!!! Later on the walk a real mountain biker passed us he weaved between the dogs and thanked us for standing aside to let him through.  He didn't have the cleanly pressed white shorts and designer sunglasses but he did have good manners...
The walk done we made our way home via Tesco for a few odds and ends, with the holiday looming I am trying to keep stocks to a minimum.  I usually dump the fridge contents into a box and take it with us so that it can be transferred into the caravan fridge.  I also made a pot of mince which will be frozen into a block and then vacuum packed so that it can be just heated in the microwave when we arrive and hey presto supper.
We were all feeling tired after lunch and so we all went for a siesta it was very hot and muggy after the rain but hopefully today is supposed to be a bit fresher and we have had further rain overnight but still nowhere near enough.
James decided to stay the night as it was getting late and he only had his dark visor for his helmet which is not legal at night.  He intends to set off after breakfast this morning which should give him enough time to get his shirts washed for Monday.
I have some ox cheek which has now defrosted and will be made into a stew with a can of Mackeson for stock and then be divided into several portions for the freezer.  We will be eating bits and bobs for the next couple of days as I run down the fridge supplies.
Tomorrow I have a hair appointment first thing so at least my hair will be easy to manage on holiday and then in the afternoon Basso is due to go to the vet for his annual inoculation.  Tuesday Jane is due to clean the house and Mark is going to run over the garden then we will be all up to date and all we need to do is pack a pair of underpants and we are ready!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend....
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