Saturday morning

Strawberry flowers

Yesterday was a good day and I finally got the chicken stock reduced and into the freezer.  James made it down for supper so one or the fish pies made a good meal if only I had managed to cook the courgettes without burning them.  I had popped up the garden and put some netting over my peas when my neighbour engaged me in conversation and by the time I made it back to the house the courgettes were black.

What a surprise when I got up this morning the lights were on down stairs so I thought I must have left them on when I went to bed but no James was already up and drinking coffee.  It has quite thrown me out of my usual routine but he has just gone up to the paper shop to buy me my copy of the Telegraph so we can do the crossword puzzle so I am taking the opportunity for a few jottings.

Good news we have had some rain at last, no great quantity but enough to wet the ground - so probably just as well that I spent an hour watering last night.  I expect the fire fighters in Berkshire are pleased to have a bit of help from on high.  I am just wondering how long it will be before we get a hose pipe ban!!!What a pessimist!!!!

Anyway enjoy your day and if it is raining be thankful for the garden!!!!

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