Saturday morning

Another early start so a definite siesta will be on the cards this afternoon.  Yesterday was a lovely day if  a bit windy but still no rain for the garden.  I took the dogs for their usual walk and as the water has largely evaporated in the pool Basso's run through resulted in very muddy paws.  The return journey included the butcher and Tesco for a minor restock.  I had made some tarts with cheese and onion to have for lunch which I filled with the remaining asparagus soup in lieu of cream.  It worked very well but they were a rather lurid green in colour.  For dinner I made an aubergine dish which was rather like  melanzane parmigiana but with the slices of aubergine first fried off in an egg batter then wrapped round basil leaves and mozzarella cheese and finally coated with a tomato sauce.  Certainly a  vegetarian meal where you don't miss the meat!!!

Today we have a prospective solar panel customer coming to see our installation and chat through our experience before finally committing to the purchase.  We have nothing but good things to say and if you can afford the initial outlay then it is plain sailing money making from then on.  The tariffs have just been raised so we are getting even more for the electricity we are generating.  We have also changed our usage of electrical goods so that we use them mostly while the sun is shining and therefore use as much of the electricity we generate as possible.  I used to put the dish washer on over night but now leave it until the sun is up or run it at midday.

I bought a chicken in the butcher and have decided to marinade and spatchcock it before roasting and with it we will be having some jersey royal spuds with butter and chives.....Dinner this evening will no doubt be a rerun of lunch..... The butcher had managed to get some ox cheek so I bought the lot from him as it is very cheap and also very versatile the only fly in the ointment being the length of cooking time. However, with slow cookers and pressure cookers this is not to big a disadvantage and after-all I have all the time in the world.

I was rather pleased with my self yesterday as I managed to complete almost all of the crossword puzzle without the aid of Google and wikipedia but this morning I will need both just to finish it off.  Some how my weekend is not complete until I have finished the puzzle.

Anne with a view to your Italian practice have you tired the blog the current recipe for a walnut and thyme dressing sounds really nice.....She also takes very arty pictures of the ingredients....

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