Saturday morning and all is well with the world

Friday 13th
The blogoshere seems to be down at the moment but as soon as it is up again I will post – So how was my holiday you ask – Very Short, I reply.
Let me take you through what happened.  We left home at about 10am having packed the car and dogs and made our way uneventfully up to Suffolk.  We picked up the van and drove to the site which as you can see was very crowded.

First things first the dogs needed a quick walk to empty their tanks.  Their delight at being back at their favourite forest was palpable.  Next it was establishing ourselves and all went well until I tried to run some water through – nothing doing so it was a check through to see if we could locate a fault and low and behold there was a filter which had broken.  So off we went to the caravan shop to locate a spare part which I fitted with no real trouble.  We unpacked and settled down for our supper of mince and potatoes which was all vacuum packed and just heated in the microwave.  Then it was off to bed after the dog’s final walk.  We were pretty shattered by then.  At 2am I woke needing to empty my tank and returned to bed to find I could not lie down and breath at the same time.  So I ended up sitting on the side of the bed for a couple of hours hoping it would pass but no.  I took the dogs out at 6am and it took me half an hour to make a couple of hundred yards I had to keep stopping as I couldn’t get my breath.  By 10am I was beginning to think something was seriously wrong so I made an emergency appointment with a local doctor.  Who diagnosed a possible pulmonary embolism [PE] blood clot in the lungs.  She then packed me off to the hospital immediately for further tests.  Poor Mike was going to spend the day sitting in the car waiting and so were the dogs so we shot back to the caravan and picked up Mikes mobile phone and let the dogs have a pit stop.  Ipswich general hospital were excellent I was immediately run through a whole battery of tests but to cut a long story short they could not confirm the diagnosis without a scan which could not be done until Monday.  I was then left with a terrible dilemma and had to choose the least worst option which was to collect essentials from the van and head for home.  We have left the van on site and Mike will be going with his brother on Monday to collect it and take it back to storage.  In the mean time I am giving myself anticoagulant injections and will be making an urgent appointment to see my GP to organise a scan here in Kent.
Needless to say I am gutted, poor Mike is beside himself with worry but the dogs are content to be back home after their very short holiday.
After three-quarters of an hour trying I managed to make an emergency appointment to see the GP and was warned by the receptionist that I was only allowed 5 minutes!!!!  Well all I needed was the doctor to make an appointment for a scan so probably one minute would do.  Then came the good news!!! the doctor informed me that he would not be allowed to make such an appointment it could only be done if I were an in-patient.  So I decided that as all the other test were negative I would not bother as I was definitely not ill enough to warrant being an in patient.  After some discussion and much reassurance on my part that I will take the responsibility for my life it was agreed that we would abandon any further investigation.  I would continue with the heparin and see what happened.  
When I got back home both James and Shiona had turned up to make sure I was OK and Shiona being a woman had made some lunch and brought it with her.  She and James then took the dogs for a walk and I made a few preparations for supper.  James has stayed over to keep an eye on me even though it is not necessary and my phone has been ringing off the hook with well wishers.  It really does gladden the heart to know that when the chips are down your friends come running.  Mike is feeling reassured that he will not have to cope alone if I am out of commission for any reason.  Actually I feel fine if a bit tired from all the mayhem - the breathing has settled down and I an nowhere nearly as breathless so all is well.

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