Peas safely tucked under their net cloches to keep the pigeons at bay.

Did I get any of my long list of chores done yesterday?  No, but I did have a very nice lunch out.  Nothing too exotic, a starter of home made potted crab with some toast followed by a nice piece of battered fish and chips.  All beautifully cooked with shatteringly crisp batter and nice un-soggy chips.  Mike went on to have a dessert as well and being a bloke he had a nursery rice pudding with red jam!!!!He is so sophisticated!!!!The dogs got a lovely walk in the local park which in the past had been a Zoo so there are acres for them to explore.  Needless to say Nip found a muddy pond and went in up to his elbows so he was a pretty smelly companion in the car.  For supper none of us was hungry so we had the compulsory lettuce with avocado hard boiled eggs and some left over home made potato salad.  To my astonishment the dogs were eager to eat not only the potato salad but the lettuce as well.  Dogs aren't supposed to eat lettuce, perhaps it is a pack thing, if the pack leaders are eating it it must be good or does it speak volumes about the quality of the vinaigrette!!!

Today is a quiet day and I will be able to get on with some of the planting out that needs to be done.  I will also need to have a look at the contents of the freezer and see what we have to eat or if I have to go shopping instead. The weather is overcast with a temperature of only 8 degrees so pretty chilly but at least the strong winds have died down to moderate.  I put the dead microwave out by the gate ready to take to the tip but I have been saved the trouble as it has disappeared.  We have scrap metal dealers patrolling the area so things like that are scooped up pretty quickly.  I also managed to get Mikes headphones working, now all I have to do is install them in his TV and we should have some peaceful evenings.....

The new tenants finally moved in yesterday and as they were not coming far they moved themselves with a medium sized van.  They have three strapping lads of around the 13 - 15 age so plenty of hands to help fetch and carry.  We made some quick introductions as we were leaving for the day so all I know is that they are called Trevor and Lisa and one of the boys who likes dogs is called Harry.  I will have to invite them round for a cup of tea so they can get to know the dogs and will not be bothered by barking when they are in the garden.

Well that's about it for today, time I got going as it is now quite light.  Have a good weekend everyone...
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