Monday morning

Some times things self seed into a really good place as with these foxgloves, but please not the pigeon poo all over the path!!!

Well here we go the start of another week I have been feeling a bit low since the holiday debarcle and I now have the beginnings of a nice cold sore on my lip which, for me, is always a sign of being run down and over stressed .  So my plan for today is to take things easy and do plenty of relaxing, something I am not very good at.

Yesterday, we did have a splash of rain but nowhere near enough for the garden so I spent some time watering the new bamboo plants which were taking a bashing in the high winds.  Today I will need to get some water on the vegetable plot where everything is growing well.  I have lettuce which are ready to eat so I guess a salad is on the cards for at least one meal today.  Yesterday evening we had some smoked haddock with a cheese and breadcrumb topping served on a bed of wilted spinach which was a very nice light supper dish.

I noticed that one of my sheds really could use a coat of paint as it has gone all flaky so that is a job that needs adding to the eternal list of chores.  However, it is not an urgent job so it can wait until I am feeling a bit more upbeat.  On the up side I took a meter reading to see how much money we are making with our magic roof and was delighted to note that so far this quarter we have earned in excess of £400 which is a nice feeling and will go some way to offset the cost of the new iPad2 I have on order.

So on to the plan of campaign for today, first now that it is light I will go and get the water on the vegetables then it will be the laundry on next, and a 10,000 mile service for me in the shower.  Lunch and dinner to prepare and finally a walk for the dogs which should see the morning filled.  Mike will be heading off to Sainsbury to get some chicken livers as I really fancy the dish shown on the "Two Greedy Italians" show last week and intend to do it as a shooting lunch for Wednesday sadly it will have to be without the white truffles!!!!!  If I have enough energy I will also prepare the chicken house ready for the new residents which we will need to go and fetch some time either this afternoon or Thursday which seem to be the only gaps this week.

Well that's the plan now it is time to start implementing it so I am off up the garden with the hose pipe!

Have a good day all...

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