Monday morning

I am up at the crack of dawn again - I have been getting really bad cramp in my legs which can only be stopped by jumping out of bed and applying my full body weight to my feet.  That done it is impossible to get back to sleep.  It is a quite chilly 10 degrees here and we have had a small splash of rain but nowhere near enough to do any good.  I foresee hosepipe bans before too long, it has been a couple of years since we last had a ban.  In the interim they have built many more houses so the stress on the water supply has increased and they still haven't built a new reservoir.  Apparently it is too costly to build a pipe line from Scotland to bring water but OK to build a pipe line from Siberia to bring gas - go figure!!!
Yesterday was a nice peaceful day James left to go home and wash his shirts ready for work today - what a brilliant boy he is, he has been a real help over the weekend.  Today Mike is going to have his work cut out as he and Jeff are going up to Suffolk to pack up the caravan and then tow it back to the farm where it is stored.  I am itching to go with them and supervise but I know myself well enough to know that I would not be able to stop myself getting stuck in so it is better that I stay put.  I do hope that they take themselves for a nice lunch and make the best of a tedious job.  If they split the driving it should make things a bit less stressful and tiring.  I will be without transport so I will just have to fiddle around at home where there is always tons to do so I shouldn't get too bored.  I need to clear out the chicken run for the new hens which we will be getting soon.  I also have a mountain of ironing to do which should keep me out of mischief.  When I packed our clothes from the holiday I was in a big rush so they were just shoved into a bag and needless to say they all now need an iron put over them which is a real drag having only just ironed them to go away!!!  Linen shirts do not take kindly to being scrumpled up.
Well that's my plan for the day what interesting things are you doing today?

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