Monday morning

Sorry to have confused everyone yesterday but it just goes to show how ga ga I am in the mornings!!!  I do have real difficulty keeping up with the days as it matters not a jot to me what day it actually is....

We had a visit from a very nice man who is about to put solar panels on his roof and wanted to talk through our experience of the process. He too is retired and as it turned out used to work in the power generation industry and knew of my father who was also in the same line of work.  What a small world it is!!!!  The company should be well pleased as we had nothing but praise for the installation team who were clean and tidy and in and out in a day.  We also showed him the figures we have collected since installation both of the electricity we have drawn from the grid and what we have generated ourselves.  We also went through the small changes we have made in our consumption pattern so that we maximise the power we are producing and minimise our reliance on the grid. Silly little things like running the dishwasher during daylight rather than at night, and trying to run one appliance after another rather than simultaneously.  This is all very easy if you are retired and have all the time in the world.....

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday but there was a sharp wind blowing which was pretty chill.  This is all very drying for the garden so the veg will need a dose of the hose today if my seedlings are to survive. The weed in the pond is going mad so I pulled out a couple of buckets full but you can hardly see the difference.   Looking at the long range weather forecast there doesn't seem to be any hope of rain for the next week and it looks like the strong wind is with us for some time.  So given the weather conditions it looks like it is a day for laundry which will dry in seconds...However I will have to make sure I peg it securely or I will be collecting it from my neighbours garden.

Yesterdays spatchcock chicken did for both lunch and supper and it was a toss up which was better the chicken or the jersey royal potatoes.  There are two breasts left which will do for today but as yet I haven't decided quite what to do with them.  I am thinking along the lines of a couscous salad with loads of coriander.  I have a bucket of stock made from the bones so that will damp down the couscous rather well and the sooner I make it the more time the flavours will have to amalgamate.  It will also mean I have the morning free for dog walking and laundry etc.

Well the sun is up so it is time to put on the dishwasher while I have a trawl around collecting the laundry....

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