May has nearly passed but the garden has been spectacular with wall to wall colour and everything blooming at once.  The weather has been great for us but sorely lacking in water for the plants which have needed constant watering to keep them going.

Yesterday saw Shiona and her dogs leave for home and a quick turn around to make ready for James to visit.  We all had a go on the circulation booster and Shiona who has an elderly mother is determined that she must have one to help her with her circulation.  Mike and I had another go at lunch time and them James joined us for a session before bed in the evening.  The information states that you should see a marked improvement in 4 weeks of regular use but I must comment that I have not had a bout of cramp since I started using it.  This is course could be an abberation and much to early for statistical significance but I am hopeful that it is helping.

Today is a milestone for our neighbours of many years as they will be flying out to New Zealand and a new life there.  They have not sold the house so they are not burning their boats and will always have a bolt hole if they need it.  I will be very sorry to see them go as they have been absolutely supper neighbours and we have got on really well.  I really wish them well and hope it all works out for them. The house is being rented unfurnished and the new tenants are due in on Tuesday.  I think it would be prudent to make introductions early, especially to the dogs, as this might stop any desperate barking when they are in the garden.

This morning James needs to take his motorbike to the garage and I will follow him up there then we can come home taking the dogs for a walk on route.  He is hoping that the work will only take a few hours and then he will be up and running smoothly.

The smoked chicken I bought in France made a nice supper with some potato salad but as yet I have not had any inspiration for what to make for lunch or dinner tonight.  I think a macaroni cheese may be on the cards as I have loads of milk and cheese that needs using up.  There are also lots of bits and pieces that need using so bread, salad and bits for lunch.

Have a good day and enjoy this lovely weather if you are having the wall to wall sunshine in your area...

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