The iris are in bloom and looking just gorgeous they don't last long but they are really spectacular while they are there.

James left just after breakfast and just in front of the rain.  It still was not enough to do any real good but it certainly made the air feel fresher.  It seem very strange not to have my twice daily chore of dealing with the hens but I hope the habit will re-establish itself once we have restocked.  I am in the process of thinking about our holiday and making sure that cameras and other electrical goods are fully charged before we set off.  To that end I bought a month of 3G so that my iPad will work provided we can get a signal and it was fun to take it with us yesterday.  While I walked the dogs Mike sat in the car park and played on the internet.  With any luck this should mean that I can keep my blog going even while in the caravan.  I also started to sort out food bits.  I have some very small jars that used to contain marmalade but I now fill with useful sauces like horse radish which is nice with smoked fish and Dijon mustard, redcurrant jelly and mango chutney all useful cooking ingredients.  I made a portion of mince which I have frozen and vacuum packed and I am going to see what happens to jersey royals which have been boiled butter and chives added now I will see if I can vacuum pack them also which should mean an almost instant meal the first night we arrive when I am too tired to be bothered cooking.  The one thing I always do is leave the bed with clean sheets and all made up so we can just fall into it.  I am usually pretty tired the first day as it falls to me to pack our things and those of the dogs and then Mike drives to Kettlebrugh I hook the van on to the car and we then have about 14 miles do drive to our camp site.  Once on site and after the inevitable parking row!!! I then have the jobs of putting the legs down on the van which I do with an electric drill so much easier than hand winding but getting it level can be a bit of a business.  Then it is a case of connecting the electricity and switching on all the various bits and pieces like the fridge which will work on gas if necessary or even on the battery in desperation.  Water has to be fetched in a large barrel and connected to the pump then flushed through the pipe work which is always a moment of extreme anxiety.  Next the toilet cistern has to be filled and primed with nice pink solution and the actual cassette with thick blue solution both of which keep it smelling sweet.  Then it is just a case of unpacking and taking the dogs for a walk before we can settle down and tune in the TV  another good fun job as it can be very difficult to get a decent signal. And finally it is time for a cup of tea and putting up my feet.....It takes approximately and hour for me to set up camp if I don't put the awning up, that would take a further half hour and we don't usually bother for just a weeks stay.
Today I have a hair appointment at 9.30 so that will be done and out of the way leaving me the rest of the day free to get on with a few chores.  I need to get in the green house and do a bit of hand weeding as the compost that was added had plenty of grass and weed seeds in it which have sprouted and are competing with the tomatoes.  I am also going to move some of the pots to the green house where they will get watered each evening while we are away an the chicken run needs cleaning out ready for the new flock when we come home.
It looks like another really lovely day so I will be making the most of the sunshine......and probably get a final wash done.

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