Friday morning

At last we have had some significant rain.  It started off with just miserable little showers that hardly wet the ground but as the afternoon wore on we had some good down pours which will have done the garden a power of good.  Somehow rain seems to be so much better than watering and really penetrates the ground.  At one point we had brilliant sunshine piercing through a completely black sky which looked most odd.

The day for me didn't start well I seemed to be in a clumsy state and was dropping everything then the microwave decided to die on me.  It is not something I used much for cooking but I do like to use it for defrosting and reheating odds and ends or melting a bit of butter etc.  I trawled around the net looking for a replacement only to find that most of them come with grills and ovens etc which I do not want.  Eventually I found one that was just a simple unfussy Samsung black box so Mike was dispatched to Commet to get it.  He also bought a set of headphones for his TV so that he can listen without having the sound so loud that we all benefit.  Do you think I can get the silly things to work!!!! I will have another attempt today now that they have had 24hours to charge.

We are destined to go out to lunch today with Len and Margaret who have just returned from a cruise of the Adriatic so I'm sure they will have plenty to tell us.  We are also taking a gazebo to them for a buffet party they are organising.  It is one I have had in the shed from my days as the Medway towns compost advisor and will offer a little shelter if it rains.  Margaret also wants to discuss the food arrangement as she intends a running buffet which will continue through the day with an expected guest list of 40-50 people. 

As we are getting through the lettuces in the green house so I am replacing them with lots of parsley and basil which will be less of a problem.  I also have some thyme which I will put half in the green house and half outside so I have a plentiful supply over the summer months.  I also have some pelargoniums and petunias to plant out in a patch of the garden that we cleared on Tuesday.  Eventually it will be filled with roses but just to cover the bare earth these annuals will do for a splash of colour.  The other main task is to do some dead heading especially now that the rain has bashed the roses about a bit.  I guess it will be a gardening weekend for me interspersed with cooking I really fancy a couple of the dishes from the Carluccio series.

There is something strange going on with the blog site it keeps asking for passwords and refusing to let me in until I have changed them.  This morning it wouldnt let me add photos and is not spell checking as I type so apologies for any errors.....
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