Friday morning

Good morning all, well I feel completely shattered this morning yesterday was a very long old day.
We left home just before 8am and made our way to Folkestone and there we got straight on the first available train through the tunnel which was at 9.20.  As we were earlier than we had anticipated we took a bit of a drive around Calais and then finally drove out to Sangatte.  We went through the town and out on to the head land where there was a commemorative statue to one Englishman born in Paris who had two failed attempts to cross the channel in an aircraft.  We had a chuckle about this you don't often see failure celebrated.  As we were up fairly high we got a good look over the channel and could see the white cliffs quite clearly and also all the ships going to and fro across that narrow strip of water.
Then it was almost time for lunch so we parked up outside the restaurant and had a walk on the beach as the tide was out and the sand exposed.
This is what we selected off the menu:
Fish soup  - 12 snails in butter and garlic
Onglet of veal with a brie sauce - skate wing with butter and capers
followed by a selection of cheese and a chocolate mousse

We were absolutely stuffed and so decided to have a further walk on the beach but sadly the tide had come in and the beach had disappeared.  Slowly we made our way to the shops at Cite Europe and pottered around window shopping finally ending up in Carrefour where I bought an assortment of pate and cheese for Mikes supper some Pink champagne for Jeff and for me a universal saucepan lid.  Shiona bought some bottles of wine and I bought a very cheap bottle of gin to make sloe gin with in the autumn.  Shopping complete it was on to the tunnel terminal where they have altered the embarkation arrangements to what I can only describe and a crass and idiotic system whereby you go through British customs and then go and buy your contraband in the terminal shop from where you go straight on to the train.  This means that the limits on tobacco etc are completely meaningless.  Anyway 35 minutes later we were in the UK driving on the left again and heading for home.  The dogs and Mike were really please to see us as I think they had had a pretty boring day by themselves.  We had a grazing supper from our purchases though both Shiona and I were not very hungry!!!!
<em>Circulation Booster</em> V3

The circulation booster that I had ordered for Mike had arrived so we all had to have a go - it is a very pleasant experience and very interesting to see your muscles jumping around all by themselves.  However the dogs got a bit of a shock when they tried to lick our feet and got an electric shock in their tongues.  Basso just went and go our shoes and brought them to us, apparently we are not allowed to go bare foot!!!! If you have ever thought of getting one of these things either for yourself or a relative I can highly recommend them.  It comes with and integral TENS machine for pains in other parts of the body and very comprehensive instructions.  I can see this becoming a new party game for old farts!!!!
Today I intend to take it easy and recover until James arrives this afternoon - he is taking his motor cycle in for a repair and so will be staying with us over night.  The labour costs for the work are much cheaper here than in London so it makes sense.....
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