Friday morning still no rain

What a traumatic day it was yesterday.  Dispatching the chickens is not a job that I relish and with a view to sensitive neighbours I made sure the deed was done by the time they were out of bed.  I had locked the dogs in the house but once I had put the birds in the garage and I had come back in doors Basso was going mad so I let him out and he shot round to the garage and then back tracked right through the garden looking under every plant for the birds he could so obviously smell.  It took me a good couple of hours to pluck and draw the hens, then pile them in my huge pot with 9 litres of water and the usual vegetables to make stock.  This morning it is all cool and I can pick the meat off the bones for the dogs and decant and reduce the stock before putting it in the freezer.  However I feel quite nauseated at the thought so I will have to pluck up some courage before I get started.

I had an abortive attempt to get myself the iPad 2 as the Apple shop were completely out of stock but I did get to hold one of the demonstration models and see how the cameras worked.  Pretty good me thinks!!!  I could order on line but the delivery is 1-2 weeks which puts it directly in the middle of our holiday so it will have to wait until we come back.

James rang to ask if he could come down this weekend as he needs a new chain and sprocket put on his bike and our prices are much cheaper than London so it seems a sensible option. Right now I feel to sick to even think about food so I will leave that until a little later when hopefully I might feel a bit better.

I spent some time yesterday watering the vegetables as everything is so dry what with the lack of rain and the strong winds we have had of late.  I noticed that the wild life have been digging up my runner bean seeds so I think I will need to pot some up when I return from my holiday and get them established before I plant them out.  I noticed that the peas are just beginning to poke their noses up so now is the time to get some netting over them or I will loose them all to the pigeons.

Time for a second cup of coffee and hope the nausea damps down so I can get on with my chores.  have a good day all....
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