Cheese soufflé that have not risen out of the ramekins as there was not sufficient to fill them.  However they were delicious and went well with the accompanying broad beans from the garden.

Yesterday there was a cold start to the day, the wind was really chilly and the sky overcast but it did clear up somewhat by the afternoon.  I took the dogs for a run but Tuc disgraced himself by rolling profusely in fox poo.  Fortunately, it was high tide so it was a case of getting him in for a bit of swimming before I put him back in the car.  The smell of wet dog is not good but it is better than fox poo.  Once we got home I decided that all the dogs could do with a rinse to remove the salt water from their coats so I got soaked in the garden hosing them down.  The addition of a small amount of shampoo made sure that they smelled a little better.

I had invited our new neighbours in for a cup of tea at 4pm so that we could get to know them and more to the point the dogs would recognise them and not bark at them in the garden.  They seem very pleasant people and were keen to look at our garden.  I managed to palm them off with a lettuce and they seem happy to look after the hens and fish when we are on holiday so that is a weight off my mind.  Their three boys are all very sporty and play football and cricket so they are seldom around at the weekends.  Lisa is a care assistant at the local hospital working in chemotherapy unit and Trevor is a landscaper.  They are keen to reactivate the veg plot but have no idea so I have suggested that the easiest vegetable to grow would be courgettes as they only need watering and not much else.  We gave them the low down on the local shops and the bin days so they are now up to running speed with what is available.

For supper last night we had some pork fillet which I had batted out then egg and bread-crumbed.  I incorporated some sage into the bread crumbs which gave an added dimension and some steamed baby carrots and new potatoes completed the line up.  Then we had a big bowl of strawberries macerated with some lemon juice and sugar - what a feast!!!!

Today, the hens have reached their week of restricted access and I will now turn them loose into the big run and hope that they are not too difficult to get into bed this evening.  With all this wind the garden has dried out again after the rain and all the pots need daily watering again which is a bit of a bind.  Every year a say I am not going to put things in pots but every year I do it again and make a rod for my own back.  I seem to be congenitally unable to leave pots empty!!!! either that or I am just plain stupid.

The menu for today looks like a full English breakfast for lunch.  For dinner I am toying with the idea of doing some hare which has been lurking in the freezer for ages and really needs to be dealt with.  We will have to see how much energy I have and if I get around to doing it.  I still have plants to put in the garden and green house so they may be a priority.

Have a good one what ever you have planned and lets hope the weather warms up a bit we are currently at 11 degrees so quite cold....
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