Wednesday morning and bin day

It's a dogs life
After a nice long walk how else would you relax?  Yesterday went well we took the dogs out bright and early while Mark made some headway in the garden and Jane ran round with the hoover.  I had made a nice cheese and onion flan for lunch which we had with assorted salads and cold meats.  the day had started off very cold and overcast but did eventually brighten up and the evening was glorious.  The irrigation system is working well in the green house so at least that is one area that I don't have to water.
Basso decided to wake my at 4am barking at something in the garden, probably a fox, which is pretty unusual for him as he never barks unless it is necessary.  The two terriers are much more yappy and make a real fuss if anyone comes to the front door.  I really could have done with a bit more sleep but I guess I will have to have a good kip this afternoon.  James is giving a work colleague a guided tour of the Medway towns as she is looking to buy a house in the area.  There are some areas it is best to avoid but as a stranger they are not obvious until it is too late.  
For supper yesterday we had a take away curry which was very nice at the time but I must admit to feeling a little delicate this morning.  It was all a bit rich for us who are not used to such a big meal in the evening.  I think copious glasses of water are called for while it works its way through the pipes!!!!and maybe even some bicarbonate of soda might make me feel a bit better.  

Mark has moved the cloud cut ilex to the middle of the grass which is rather nice and as it it fake grass it will do no damage.  He has also cleared out several pot that had plants that were on the blink which means that I can have some fun choosing new ones.  I will have to have a nice quiet trip to the nursery and decide what to have.  The garden is really looking its best at the moment with all the shrubs in flower even though the bulbs have finished the lower branches of the shrubs mask the slowly dying leaves so they don't look too messy.

I have no real plans for today so I think it will be just a quiet day dog walking and cleaning out the chickens and doing the laundry.  Tomorrow is a shooting day so there will be nothing much accomplished then.  In the mean time have a good day even if you have had to go back to work!!!!
p.s welcome to my Brighton reader?


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