Wednesday and bin day

It also seems to be a day for updates both Apple and Adobe have got updates busy down loading as I type.  Lets hope that they don't need a reboot to get them going.
I had a really industrious day yesterday and made loads of things in the kitchen including the simnel cake which is now cold and waiting for its hat of marzipan.  The dogs think they have died and gone to heaven as I made them some liver cake which is now all chopped into bite sized pieces and bagged up in the freezer.  While it was cooling there were three dogs on patrol with their noses sniffing the delicious smell of the cake.  I also made a blanquette de veau with the last of my veal.  In the slow cooker I made a beef and Mackeson stout stew which will either end up with dumplings or as a cobbler.  I also made copious cottage pies all safely tucked up in the freezer.  You can only imagine the washing up that this created......
Well I was not wrong the computer has just rebooted itself to install the new software but at the moment it is refusing to down load a photograph that I have taken of my window boxes.  The ones with the bulbs are now sitting at the end of the garden drying out and new ones planted up with a load of pansies which were going cheap as it is the end of the season.
Success at last, it has taken 3 attempts and absolute ages for this photo to be uploaded anyway as you can see it is a real mixed bunch of colours and some of the plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves but will no doubt perk up with a little tender loving care.  I also manage to get the final coat of linseed on the garden table which now looks a million dollars.

Today I am off shooting with Shiona, which is great as I can get in some more practice with the gun and eye training.  However, I haven't yet decided what to have for lunch, I have things which are good for 2 or 4 but nothing for 3 so I will have to put on my thinking cap.  Perhaps a full English would be in order or maybe a prawn risotto and salad.
OK that's it for this morning time to go and finish the simnel cake and get my shooting stuff together not forgetting to put the bins out......
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