Wednesday and bin day

Photinia 'red robin' looking as if it has caught fire in the sun

We had a really lovely day yesterday.  Once Jane was established and her son was happy playing with my iPad we departed to go and pick up Len and Margaret arriving around 11am then we drove to Camer park near sole street where the dogs had a super run and Margaret and I walked the perimeter.  It gave me an opportunity to show off some of Basso's gun dog training and Margaret was duly impressed with the directional whistle commands.  Mike had foolishly left his jacket behind and it was far too chilly to be out in just a shirt so he and Len sat and put the world to right.  With a bit of messing around I have managed to get an aerial photo of the park from Google earth so here goes;
Well that's all pretty boring but it took me ages to get it from goggle earth via email and finally into the picture library before I could get it on the blog.

We then headed off to the Cricketers inn at Meopham for lunch.  The pub has recently been refurbished and is really very comfortable and nicely appointed.  The staff were friendly and helpful and the food was good if a bit on the stingy side.  Mike had a sea food linguini which had several large prawns in the jackets which once dismantled made a small snack for the dogs.  They are very fond of prawn shells but do prefer lobster legs if available.  With everyone full and fed we headed back home dropping Len and Margaret off on the way.  On our arrival we discovered that we couldn't park the car outside the house which is always a bit of a pain as I have to get the dogs out on leads to cross the road and get them into the house.  Gary our friendly builder has working next door on the roof which is in all kinds of trouble after being messed around with by some cowboys.  Today he is going to come to us and do a couple of small jobs.  We need a block made to support the dishwasher which is currently stood on piece of wood and my garden table needs the top sanded down so that I can re-varnish it.  It would take me ages but he has a nice belt sander which will do the jobs in moments.  I also have a cupboard door in the kitchen which is falling off its hinges and needs fixing.  We are very fortunate that he doesn't mind doing a group of small jobs and can turn his hand to most things.  He has done loads of jobs for us in the past some large and some small so we trust him implicitly he never skimps and always uses 5 screws when 3 would do....
Now time to give lunch and dinner some though and go for a mooch around in the freezer!!!!!


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