Wednesday and bin day

What a wet and miserably cold day it was yesterday.  The wonderful Jane arrived on time just as I was taking my banana loaf out of the oven.  Mike had bought some bananas last week and they were very rapidly going brown so it was the only solution if they were not to end up in the compost.  We then set off on a shopping expedition - now we all know the rule about shopping when hungry - not a good idea.
First port of call was the animal feed supplier for two 20 kg bags of chicken feed then on to the butcher where I bought:-
Mince for any number of dishes
A chicken for roasting
Feather steak for a goulash
Home cured green back bacon
Neck of lamb for an Irish stew
So lots of recipes running around in my head, then on to the fishmonger where I bought :-
A bag of frozen prawns shell off and raw
2 rabbits for pies
1 crab for linguine
2 Dover soles to be grilled with tartare sauce
a large couple of handfuls of sprats to be deep fried until really crisp for lunch
Then it was on to Tesco for the accompanying ingredients like parsley, lemons, milk etc
Then the veg box arrived with
Then came the job of sorting it all our and putting it away, yuck!  The rabbits went into salt water to soak over night and the sprats made a sumptuous lunch.  There were so many that we shared them with our four footed friends who ate them both raw and fried until crispy.  The oil that I used to fry them was then consigned to the compost heap and the kitchen fan was put on super turbo so that the whole house didn't smell of fried sprats.
Mark arrived at 3 and has done a wonderful job of the greenhouse so that it is ready for planting and while he laboured in the garden I got on with dismantling the crab which we will have with linguine for  lunch today when we come back from shooting.  The neck of lamb is going in the slow cooker for the first stage of lamb stew making and the rabbits will be disassembled, the carcasses making stock for the intended rabbit pies.
Oh boy will my freezer be filled up soon and have I got a good bit of work to do, but as you know I love to cook so it is not a chore but entertainment for me. Chores are the things you don't want to do like clearing out the wardrobe which I still haven't done....
Now how is this for an idea if I feed you will you come and sort out my wardrobe?

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