Tuesday morning

Photinia red robin looks as if it has caught fire!!!!
Yesterday was bit cooler with a nice bit of breeze so working in the garden was a more pleasant occupation.  We did had a bit of a go at the shed at the far end and turned out all the grass cutting equipment.  Over the years it is amazing what you collect from scarifiers to half moon edge cutters well all of it is in the wheelbarrow ready to be collected by Jeff on Thursday and then he will ferry it up to Peterborough where it is going to my nephews who are just starting out with their new houses and families.  It is a bit of faffing around but better than taking it all to the tip!!!
I also managed to get the peas planted so now all my vegetable beds are occupied and hopefully productive.  Mark the gardener is due today and will hopefully be bringing us some parmesan cheese which he buys while on holiday in Italy.  His relatives live very close to a farm that produces the cheese so it is really very lovely.  The wonderful Jane is also due and the house has been somewhat neglected over the Easter break.  The large lump of meat we had for Sunday lunch made a nice cold beef salad and a cottage pie for the three of us so it has done very well.  I make that 9 meals and a pot of stock so not bad from one joint.

I have organised shooting for all of us on Thursday and Jeff is going to bring an extra gun so that James can join us.  I think Mike will probably stay at home with all the dogs so I had better make him a  lunch as we will no doubt be eating at the club.

Well that's about it for today I am up rather later than usual and have a few bits and pieces to do before the others arrive.  Have a great day all..................

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