Tuesday morning

Yesterday started of very misty and with a very heavy dew but as soon as the sun got up in the sky it cleared and turned into a beautiful day.  I shot out bright and early and planted the sweet peas but then discovered that I had no sweet pea rings to hold them against the canes.  I did however find some plastic clips which have done the trick.  That done it was time to get a load of washing on and out on the line to dry then a quick shower and off to the optician.  I was given a very thorough examination and then a really good explanation of what is going on with my eyes with regard to shooting.  To cut a very long story short it is just a case of waiting for my brain to catch up with the new lens and all I can do is practice until it settles down.  Well that is not quite what I wanted to hear but I guess I will just have to be patient and keep practising.  Other than that my eyesight is fine apart from needing reading glasses which is the bane of my life.  I have pairs of Tesco reading glasses scattered around the house so that there is always a pair fairly close to hand, I even have to make sure I have a pair with me when I go out with the mobile phone as I can't read it without.
With the eyes sorted it was off to walk the dogs and drop by the butcher and buy a lump of meat for the Easter weekend.  I got a very nice couple of ribs of beef and a couple of lamb rumps so I can go with either depending how we feel.   This morning I am going to make up a beef and beer stew and some cottage pies to have standing by so that should see us through the bank holidays.  I also bought the dried fruit to make the simnel cake if I manage to get round to that.
James sent me a text to let me know that he had passed his exam [one of many] but still good news.  I think he is finally beginning to believe in himself.
Today, I would like to go and have a trip round the nursery and get some pansies as my window boxes full of bulbs have now gone over and they just look a mess.  We have had such a dry period that it has been necessary to water various bits in the garden which is quite unusual this early in the season.  It is also time to cut back the bushes that have finished flowering like the forsythia and flowering currant.  I have been applying coats of linseed oil to my garden table and it is beginning to look rather good just a couple more should see it finished and protected for a couple of years.
Well as you can see my list of things to do is getting bigger and bigger so I had better get moving and start some of the jobs or I will still be at it at midnight.........
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