Tuesday morning

So many things are in bloom at the moment including roses which I will try to get a picture of.  The canary bird rose is always the first to bloom but I don't think it has been this early before.
Yesterday was a non day, my inertia persisted all day and I just couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to get myself going. I did however make some rhubarb and ginger with the first couple of sticks from the garden.  I used to have 2 rhubarb plants but one has bitten the dust during the course of the winter - this is no disaster as one plant provides plenty for us two.  It was a beautifully sunny day until the early evening when it clouded over and we had some rain which was very welcome for the garden.  Everything this morning looks fresh and clean and the dusting of sahara sand has been washed way.
We are destined to go out for lunch today with Len and Margaret and try a newly recommended pub in Meopham [for my foreign readers it is pronounced mep-hum].  The dogs will accompany us as there is a lovely park for them to have a walk in so we will all be happy.
The wonderful Jane is due today and she will be bringing her son with her as it is school holidays.  He is a very bright little boy and full of curiosity and questions which keeps us on our toes.  Apparently he likes coming here as we are "intelligent people" according to him.  I am up late this morning and have a bit of catching up to do from my day of inertia yesterday if Jane is to be able to clean the mess needs to be tidied up.

There we are the first roses I have just shot out and taken a snap to prove the point!!!!
Well time I got under way and started to do something constructive!!!! Have a good day but watch the wind it is pretty cold.....

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