Tuesday morning and blowing

Sandi came yesterday with her gun dog who is misbehaving and we had a bit of practice in the garden.  I had warned both neighbours that there would be gun fire in the garden.  However before we got started on the training session "yoda" managed to fall in the pond which gave the new fish a bit of a shock.  As my pond has straight sides it is very difficult for dogs to get out of so I had to haul yoda out by his collar.  That little trauma over we set to with the starting pistol and some dummies - the session went well and after the first couple of mistakes yoda got the message.  Then it was Basso's turn and he was determined that a bird had been shot so ignored the dummies and kept looking but when Sandi suggested the dummy he happily brought it back to me.
We had a nice fish pie for lunch which I had reheated in Hal so that it had a nice brown crusty top.  I had done some peas and carrots to accompany it and Mike cracked open a bottle of wine.  For supper I did some chipolata sausages which we had with a butter bean, garlic and tomato dish.  In the slow cooker I have a piece of veal shoulder slowly simmering which will make a good meal for today when I decided how I am going to serve it.  May be the broth with some gnocchi de gries and the meat with some salsa verde and new potatoes.
We are now restocked with coffee as Sandi brought me two kilo bags which can only be bought at the shop in Faversham which is about 10 minutes from her house.  She went home with the starting pistol and a box of blanks so that she can continue the training with yoda.
Today we are expecting the wonderful Jane and boy does the house need a good hoovering especially as Sandi brought the dogs some bones which they refused to eat in the garden and brought in to eat on the carpet!!!!!  This afternoon Mark the gardener is coming so I am hoping to have my greenhouse ready for planting and this year I can kill the weeds at the far end of the garden as there are no bee hives there :(
My friend Elaine had been on the phone at regular intervals as her youngest who is only 5 has been very unwell and it now turns out that he has scarlet fever [Streptococcus pyogenes] which still strikes dread into people even though it is no longer the killer disease it once was.  The little mite is now on antibiotics and they are hoping he will be well enough to travel as they are off on holiday to Tenerife on Friday.
Well time to do some ordering on Amazon and get a halogen oven for James!!!
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