Thursday morning and shooting day

This is a pittosporum tenuifolium purpureum with the new growth a lovely bright green and the older leaves a dark purple.

Yesterday started pretty cool with some cloud and a gentle breeze but it did brighten up as the day wore on and by the the time we went out with the dogs it was very pleasant.  With James here it was also a good opportunity to do a bit of training with Basso.  We hid his very frozen pheasant in the garden then sent him out to look for it.  It took him only seconds to locate the bird and retrieve it.  His sense of smell never ceases to amaze me.  For lunch we had a full English breakfast and for supper we had a nice sea food risotto which included a bunch of asparagus.  A marriage mad in heaven!!!!  James spent the afternoon showing a colleague around the neighbourhood.  She is looking to sell her house and move to this area so it was a case of showing her the bits to avoid.  I suppose all towns have nice areas and areas you would not wish to live in.

Today we are expecting both Shiona and Jeff to arrive around 10am then we will all pile in a car and head for Dartford to the shooting club.  I am intending to have lunch at the club which at least will save me a job.  Mike had decided to stay at home so there will be no problems with the dogs.  It is a miserable 6 degrees at the moment but I expect that to rise as the sun comes up and according to the weather forecast it is set to be a dry day with the rain finally arriving tomorrow.  The vegetable plot is in deep need of a good drink so when it does come I hope it is a bit more than a shower.  The hens are laying very erratically so I am beginning to think it is time to replace them with some new ones which is a job I don't particularly like but needs must and all that.  They are not kept as pets hence they have no names....I can't actually remember how long we have had them but I think they have had 2 winters in the green house which means they are in their third year so past their best egg laying days.  There will be plenty of chicken stock and dog food to look forward to so they really are very economical.  Four new point of lay birds will cost me about £40 but then I can look forward to at least two years of good egg production.  Having my own cockerel and breeding my own would be even more cost effective but I think the neighbours might object to the early morning alarm calls.

Well here's hoping I shoot well today, Jeff is bringing an extra gun so that James will not have to use my gun now that it has been fitted for me which would make it difficult for him.  However, first I have a bit of ironing to do and get out of the way and then I need to get some rabbit pies out of the freezer for supper.  I can't get to the freezer until James moves his motor bike out of the garage as it obstructs the doors but I'm sure they will have plenty of time to defrost before we need them for supper.

Have a good day all ..........
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