Thursday and the week is grinding down

Yesterday was one of mixed emotions - firstly I went shooting with Shiona and was delighted with my best ever score.  The compensation I am making for my dominant eye problem seem to be working out well.  We got back home quite late and I rushed to make lunch which was linguine with crab which was a doddle as I had cleaned the crab the night before so it took no longer than the time it took to boil the pasta.  While we were out Mike took in the parcel which contained the halogen oven for James - now all we have to do is arrange some convenient moment for him to come and pick it up.  This is not easy as his friend is going to give him a lift as a motorcycle is not useful for this sort of job.  For supper I threw together a salsa verde which we had with the last of the veal shoulder and a salad.  Earlier in the morning I had stripped the rabbits and boiled the carcasses which I picked over for the dogs supper and today I will be making some rabbit pies.  I also put the neck of lamb in the slow cooker and it has cooled over night letting the fat harden so that it is easy to remove.  We were destined to go out to lunch today with Len and Margaret but when I phoned to finalise arrangements I discovered that Margaret had a stinking cold, well with Mike still not 100% it is not worth the risk if he caught a cold now I think it would finish him off.  Then Sandi phoned to say that she had been diagnosed with kidney disease and is about to embark on a plethora of tests to sort out what exactly is going on.  Given that her husband is in the throws of dealing with a pituitary tumour this is really not what she needed.  Anyway fingers crossed that it turns out to be a very slowly progressing disease.  Fortunately she doesn't feel unwell only generally tired which could be due to the fact that she is a very busy woman and nothing to do with the disease.
Now on to happier things the weather was absolutely gorgeous yesterday and it was so hot we took shelter in the shade while we were shooting and had the air con on in the car coming home.  Today looks like it might be a repeat performance as it is only just light and the thermometer is reading in double figures already.  The garden is looking spectacular and the white daffodils are all in bloom and the magnolia  has more flower than I have ever seen.  In the veg garden the broad beans are coming along well and the onions and garlic are doing fine.  I also noticed that my corner of "woodland" has a good show of wild garlic so I shall be picking some of that soon.  I rang the nursery where I am going to buy my tomato plants and have been told it will be another three weeks before they are ready but they do have 10 varieties to choose from.  I think I may well try to squeeze in one of each.
Well that about it for today I am off to make some pastry for my rabbit pies and get the rest of the cooking done so that I can go out with the dogs before it gets too warm.
Have a good day and enjoy this mini heat wave while it lasts......

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