What a nice sun bathing spot with commanding views of the gardens

Another glorious day yesterday with the temperature in the comfortable range and everything in the garden going mad....
This morning I have been thinking of the people who read this blog but never post  - it would be so nice to have the odd comment if only to say it is boring and dull but I guess they are unwilling to put their heads above the parapet but I often wonder who they are.  There are readers in France Italy and the USA who are regulars and also some in the UK. However, many thanks to those of you who do post your comments!!!
As you can see I was out and about with the camera taking photos in the garden but while it was still dark I got on with making a stew with some feather steak and a can of "Mackeson" stout.  The flavour was rich and deep and went well with the iron taste of the purple sprouting brocolli and the soft blandness of some boiled potatoes.  At the same time I made some plain mince, which Mike is currently having a passion for, and this will be our main meal today also with some veg and spuds.  For lunch we had Uova in purgatorio from another of my favourite sites.  It is basically poached eggs in tomato sauce which is really nice with some crusty bread and very quick and easy to make.

The crossword puzzle kept me occupied for some time and as usual there were a few clues that I had to look up on Wikipedia.  I then watched the Grand National I am no horse racing fan but there are a couple of races that need watching.  It is a bit like the boat race which I watch with no interest in rowing.  I was surprised at how little was said about the two horses that died during the race.  The BBC 6pm news didn't even mention it.

It was such a good drying day that it was almost impossible not to do some washing and take advantage of the lovely breeze so sheets were stripped and washed.  This is the one thing that I would want if I were filthy rich with servants, clean white cotton sheets every day...   However, as I am the servant it tends to be once a week but what a joy a fresh bed is!!!! I must admit I get all enthusiastic with the washing but then the next day when I see the pile of ironing I regret my enthusiasm.

Today I have to decide if I am going to go shooting - I could go to JJ's and shoot the competition as that is easy to do on your own as they have kids there to operate the traps and score.  I would like to go for the practice rather than the competition part but if my score is reasonable I will hand in my card and see what happens.  I would normally go down to Dover but my mates are on holiday and it is very difficult to shoot alone.  The dogs could use a good run but everywhere is crowded with families and even the woods were packed with some not so nice dogs who attacked Basso earlier in the week.  It is difficult to find somewhere to walk in peace and quiet and not to have to dodge pushchairs and bikes.


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