Sunday morning

Yesterday was a very pleasant day the weather swung between warm and sunny and over cast looking like rain that never actually materialised.  The lads turned up just in time for lunch which was all cooked in Hal - roast chicken and all the trimmings.  It is nice to see young men eat or should I say hoover up plates of food!!!  After lunch we took the dogs for a nice walk and I drove us down to the estuary but with 2 police officers in the car they were sworn to silence about my driving!!!!  James had a go with my air rifle which I though was shooting high and he confirmed that that was the case so I will need to take it to the gunsmith and have the sights altered and test fired on their shooting range.  Poor Basso was very confused with all the shooting and not a single bird was felled.  By way of taking pity on him I sent him to retrieve a frozen pigeon that I have lurking in the bottom of the freezer for him to practice with.  Then it was time for cups of tea and an attempt to print out some course work for James.  It is an excel document of some 42 pages but do you think my printer would co-operate, no, we have numerous copies of page 10.  We did eventually get the salient parts printed and today I will have a go at getting the rest printed and try and work out what we were doing wrong...
The crossword is only half completed so I can spend an hour or so getting that finished - I am now down to the items that have to be looked up with Wikipedia.  The chicken carcass got put through the pressure cooker to make some stock so I can see a nice risotto on the menu for lunch today and a piece of steak  and salad for supper.
In the garden I put my table back together but have not screwed the top down firmly yet as I think it may well need a second coat of linseed oil.  I also managed to plant a row of spring onions from a free packet of seeds.  I also have some other free seeds namely leeks and cabbage but they will need to be raised indoors in seed trays first.  The sweet peas that Jeff gave me are due to be planted out so that may well be on my list for today if the weather is kind.
By early evening I was shattered and after a nice chat with Elaine on the phone I fell sound asleep by about 9.30.  She had told me all about their weeks holiday in Tenerife which went smoothly but they were all tired from the flight and now it was down to the dreaded post holiday washing which for 5 people is quite considerable.  She had very sensibly organised some meals in the freezer so that she could put food on the table with the minimum of fuss.
Well that about it for now hope you are having a nice peaceful weekend and that the weather is being kind to you.
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