Saturday morning

Well what a day after my very early start I went back to bed and slept until 7.30 but was then visited with a terrible headache for my troubles.  So it was on with the cure of copious coffee and paracetamol then slouching in a chair to watch the wedding, interspersed with odd dashes to the kitchen where a pot of fabulous asparagus soup was slowly being made.
Although I am a great cynic I did enjoy the wedding and though it was done very well in fact it made me proud to be British.  If there is one thing we do well it is one of these big state occasions.  The dress was lovely and very understated and I loved the trees in the abbey.  I really do wish them well and don't envy them what is to come.  I hope the media will leave them alone now and let them get on with married life.
My indolent start to the day continued and the whole day was frittered away doing very little but what the heck some times its nice to have a day off.  Later in the evening we spent some time with the hose pipe watering the vegetables as there was no rain and today it looks like another dry day.  I can't remember the last time we had rain!!! and we desperately need some.  The green house has a leaky hose that is on a timer so that waters itself which saves us one chore.  The hens are laying badly and I think they will find themselves in the stock pot before we go on holiday and they will then be replaced with new birds when we return.  It is pointless asking a neighbour to feed them while we are away only to dispatch them when we return.  However, it is a job that I need to brace myself for!!!!
On that rather sombre note it is time I went and got the kitchen sorted out and tidied up after yesterdays  day of slobbing around.
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