Saturday morning

Individual cheese and onion pies - well it was one way of using up the left over pastry

Yesterday was another glorious day but it got hot very quickly.  I was out walking the dogs by 9.30 and it was already getting very hot in the sun.  Basso managed to get himself filthy in the mud so when we got home Mike held on to him while I did him over with the hose and a bit of shampoo.  He was quite good but would have rather run off.  I dried him with one of the magic towels that I bought at Crufts and it certainly made a difference it absorbed a lot of water and left him almost dry.  However both Mike and I had got pretty soaked in the process.  Once he was dried off I managed to get a brush through his coat and later that afternoon I got the thinning scissors on his leathers and trimmed them up so that he looks quite presentable.  Not quite show standard but not at all bad....

I had bought some weed killer spray in B&Q so I had a wander around the garden and sprayed the dandelions which seem to have proliferated this year.  Normally I would have dug them out but with my back playing up I thought this might be a better idea.
As you can see from the photo I made some individual cheese and onion tartlets which did nicely for lunch with a bit of salad.  For supper we had one of the fish pies from the freezer with a borlotti bean salad and a slice of the simnel cake which I have discovered I really like.  Once the sun was down it was time to get the hose pipe out and water some of the plants which are suffering due to lack of rain.  The two new bamboo plants got a big drink and I also did the vegetable garden over as that was looking very dry.

Today James is due to come down for the Easter holidays so I will have to look out something nice for lunch and tomorrow I have a large chunk of beef to roast.  There is just about enough simnel cake left for him to have a couple of slices.  It will be nice to have him here for a few days which will break the monotony of the daily grind and it will be nice to have company on my dog walks.  I am up to date with all the laundry so I too can have a bit of a break.  Though I do have a multitude of jobs that want doing in the garden.  The major job is to clear out the big shed and get the hole the rats made filled in before the next generation find it a convenient home.

Well that about it for today hope you are enjoying the super weather and fingers crossed it will last for the whole holiday weekend.  I feel very sorry for people who work and miss the good weather only to get soaked or frozen when they are off for a holiday.
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