Saturday morning

The photo is of uncle Basso practising his jumping - well what else would you use your garden chairs for?  Yes, you did read that right Basso is now an uncle to 11 lovely puppies which his sister had a couple of weeks ago.  Sadly they are all sold so none of them are for me!!!  I was chatting to his breeder yesterday as his hip scores have just arrived together with the x ray we had taken.  I wanted to check and see if the scores were good enough to warrant going ahead with the cerebellar ataxia test which is going to cost another £65.  The answer is that he is good enough for breeding so we will go ahead and do the DNA test then all we need is someone to notice him and want him as a sire!!!! This I think may be a forlorn hope!!!!! but you never know....
In the same postal delivery came a cheque from the Bank of England for the £10 that Nip partially ate.  I wanted to frame the cheque but Mike is going to bank it so I have taken a photo of it instead.
Not very fancy, some how I thought they would have much more ornate cheques more like bank notes.

We also received the first payment for the solar energy that we have been producing but that has come with an invoice statement with no information on it, so I will be sending an e mail to request a break down of exactly how they have calculated the amount as there is no way to check if they have got it right....I am afraid I am too old and cynical to trust them to have got it correct.....We are also trying to get an idea of exactly how much we are saving ourselves and we need to factor into this calculation the amount we are reducing our electricity bill by.  The usage had dropped by approximately half so we must be using a fair amount of what we are generating.

Today, James and his friend are due to come and collect his halogen oven so I am going to do a roast chicken and all the trimmings and hope that they arrive in time for lunch - if they don't we will have plenty of left overs which I am sure I can deal with.   Some how cold roast potatoes never seem to hang around for long!!!!do they evaporate?

I got a phone call at supper time from a neighbour who is in Yorkshire with one daughter who has D&V [diarrhoea and vomiting] Her 18 year old is at home with the same problem so I was asked to run a few bits and pieces to her.  Some boiled sweets, some cans of coke and half a loaf of bread.  An interesting mixture but apparently that is what she wanted.  So I put the requisite items in a bag, rang the door bell and left them on the step as requested.  This was difficult for me as all my nursing instincts wanted to have a look at the girl and see how is but it is probably better that I don't get whatever bug she has.  Anyway, she knows I am on the other end of the phone if she is in real trouble and her parents will be home soon....

Well that about it for this morning the sun is up all be it through thick cloud and it is time I got on with the preparations for lunch and got the dogs out for a run.  Then joy of joys there will be the crossword to do which is my weekly treat!!!!

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