Saturday morning

Yesterday was quite an industrious day, cooking got done, dogs got walked, some weeding has been started and the leaking hose had been placed in the greenhouse so all in all not too bad.  I also took a trip to the bank with a somewhat mutilated £10 note.  When I went shooting on Wednesday I had left the change in the pocket of my shooting vest which was left hanging on the back of a chair.  That night when I went to put the chickens to bed I discovered bank notes lying in the garden - now the only way they can have got there is if Nip had been through my pockets looking for biscuits.  Sadly the tenner had been munched so I took it to the bank in the hope that they would swap it for a complete note.  However, as one of the numbers is missing I have to fill in a form and send it to the Bank of England and hope that I get a refund.  That will teach me to leave my jacket lying around as I know that Nip investigates pockets in the hope of finding some dog treats.  On our walk Basso had managed to find the only puddle of mud and walked through it so with his fluffy feet he was filthy.  I took him to wash his paws in a bucket of water but you would have thought I was about to plunge his feet in acid - what a fight - however once he realised all I intended was a wash he gave in gracefully and the wonderful drying towel I had bought at Crufts was a real boon.

Today I am starting off by getting a stew in the slow cooker which will do for lunch with some purple sprouting broccoli.  I am also trying to get my dishwasher put on during the hours of day light when we are generating our own electricity.  It is difficult as for many years now I have put it on after dinner in the evening and it goes against the grain to leave the dishes until the morning.  I still have plenty of weeding to keep me occupied and today is my treat day - I get to do the crossword in paper which usually take me a couple of hours and the help of Wikipedia to finish it off.  My general knowledge is not too bad but there are always a few obscure clues that I need to look up.  I also think I need to make the most of the good weather so the washing machine will be pressed into action and the net curtains can have a wash especially as the windows were cleaned this week fortunately I only have nets at the front of the house so there are not too many to do.  I must admit, sometimes, it feels like running through treacle and the to-do list just gets longer and longer.  Still I guess it's just life!!!!
Have a good weekend all of you and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.....

ps this is apparently my 1000 post how time flies!!!!!
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